Friday, 2 July 2010

Why are we not attending the demonstration?

We understand the reasons why a lot of supporters of the independence of Catalonia are wandering whether to attend the demonstration on July 10th. To shout "Independence!", marching besides other supporters of independence, protesting against the mistreatment we suffer from Spain, and so.

Catalunya Acció respects the right of people to attend this demonstration, that is only fair, but nonetheless, as an organization, we shall never go besides nor behind the maximum responsible, our  political leaders, who have led our Nation to the current situation for their sickly obsession of fitting Catalonia into Spain. Being it in form of autonomism or federalism. This failure was already announced 30 years ago and now we are living, life, the last stages before the breakage.

If our regionalist politicians want to defend the "Estatut", they must move their arses and do the job we pay them to do, it means, from the Government and the Parliament. Our regional MP's only make contact with their people when they need to save their seats and their way of life.

The motto "right to decide" is very blurred and not compromised so that everybody can assume it for their interests. Some parties are already using it as an carrot slogan for the next elections. Some others are using it to keep the subsidies from the government, and the day after, everybody will interpret the demonstration as they want.

We do not want the "right to decide", it is already ours. Catalunya Acció wants independence and a Catalan State. The only hurdle to achieve it is the nuisance, the stop that represents the actual politician class, who feel very comfortable in Spain and who we must remove urgently if we want to have a prosperous and dignified future. The country is failing from the top and until we do not solve this problem, we shall remain in the actual hole.

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