Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Beyond bullfighting, the Spanish crumble

Today, the Catalan Parliament has decided to ban bullfighting in Catalonia, due to begin in 2012. One less alien tradition to Catalonia. Bullfighting, only typical from Third World countries rather than civilized and democratic Europe, will not longer exist in our country.

Catalonia, its people represented in the Parliament, has decided to embrace the advanced thinking present within the most developed Nations in Europe. Catalonia has suppressed a barbaric Middle Age hobby, disguised as ancestral culture but in fact, used as an instrument of unification by Spain. Who had not heard that the Spanish portrait is based on "sun, paella, flamenco and bullfighting"?

From today, the tourist who seeks all these in Catalonia will have to look for them in other places beyond the borders of Catalonia. We did not share some of these identity symbols with Spain in the first place, they were imposed to us with the Spanish colonization, and we shall get rid of them, as we shall get rid of Spain and become an independent Nation in the near future.

We know there will be outrage among the Spanish ranks. It is understandable, because Spain is only holding together by symbols such as bullfighting and football. Fallen one, the rest will follow, and with this alien symbolism, that artificial country itself. The big Spanish crumble is close to happen for good, being Catalunya Acció one of the main actors on the stage.

Take a look at the Spanish newspapers, their headlines are pointing more at the identity threat, and the possibility that Catalonia becomes independent, than the defence of the bullfighting itself. What more excluding, racist and degrading than condemning a whole Nation to have to hold, and enjoy, performances like men teasing, stabbing, torturing and finally killing a drugged, horn-sawed and stunned animal?

We are proud of having outlawed bullfighting. And will be even more when our duty to become independent from Spain and France will be fulfilled.

Jordi Margalef Turull
Catalunya Acció UK

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