Friday, 22 April 2011

Former IMF Chief Economist says Catalonia would be "one of the richest countries in the world" if it were independent

CNA / F. Javier Rodríguez Baena Barcelona (ACN).

“Catalonia, as an independent nation, would be one of the richest countries in the world”,
stated the former IMF Chief Economist, Kenneth Rogoff, in an interview to Capital magazine, in which he reviews the Spain’s economic situation. Rogoff, currently professor at Harvard University, defends that Spain “has many strong points” such as “excellent companies and regions like Catalonia”, but he thinks that “there is a high probability that Spain may have to be rescued”. This would be the case, as “Greece, Ireland and Portugal would have to reorganise their debt. And when this happens, markets would go crazy” and the rescue would be almost unavoidable, explained Rogoff. If Europe did not rescue Spain in that case, the entire Eurozone would be at risk and even France could fall.

The interview with Kenneth Rogoff at the 'Capital' magazine (by ACN / Capital)

Rogoff said it is “unimaginable that Europe would leave Spain to go bankrupt without lending any help”. But, “if it was to suspend payments, things would not end this way. It would spread to Belgium, Italy... and France”. The prestigious economist warns today the Spanish debt is already at “a dangerous level to deal with but if it increases another 30%, then it would not be able to be governed in any way”. Rogoff warns Europe that it should set a “red line” in the case of Spain. The former economist says that the Spanish Government has not reacted fast enough, but admits that recent reforms have strengthened the country.

Article published by Catalan News Agency

The United States of America endorse the linguistic immersion in Catalan

La Secretària Clinton, durant la presentació de l'informe anual sobre els drets humansThe USA have endorsed the linguistic immersion in Catalan, in their 2010 annual report on Human Rights. The American Secretary of State considers that "there have been cases where Catalan speakers have shown worries by the fact that Catalan language does not receive the same treat of favour".

In this sense, they report that "this Government, as well as the previous one, have endorsed the actual educational model and sustain that the decision by the Supreme Tribunal refers to three determined cases and that the actual Catalan linguistic policies are adequate. The Spanish Supreme Tribunal sentenced that Spanish language should prevail in all communications and classrooms in Catalonia. Catalan leaders in favour of the actual model of immersion affirm that pupils end up having the same knowledge of Catalan as well as of Spanish".

Ultimately, about Catalan exams for University lecturers, it is highlighted that "the Decree allows Universities to waive this requirement for personnel working full-time in research or lecturers who teach in a foreign language, so not to lose talented lecturers and professors. Universities may delay this exam for a period of two years after the effective start of the contract".

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Espot: "They want to feed the Spanish anthem through our blood"

Solidaritat Catalana considers that the sound system to be used for the Spanish anthem, prior to the Spanish Cup final, is an aggression to public health.

The Spanish FA has contracted a 100000W sound system to silence the possible whistling to the Spanish anthem by Barcelona supporters. However, this measure is having its political repercussion.

This afternoon, Santiago Espot, candidate to Mayor of Barcelona for Solidaritat Catalana, has threatened to sue the Spanish FA due to "this power of noise violates the civic ordinances of Valencia. It is an attack against public health; they want to feed the Spanish anthem through our blood". Santiago Espot was sued for instigating a whistling action during the Cup final two years ago, in 2009, when FC Barcelona played against Athletic Club Bilbao.

In this sense, Espot has deplored that "no political institution in Catalonia has regretted this, even though there will be Catalans attending the football match FC Barcelona-Real Madrid". "Contracting this power of noise is typical of sick minded", he asserted.