Saturday, 31 July 2010

Comment on the article "The land of ban", by the Economist

As we are "the land of ban", we should ban every article that is written with some ill-informed journalist, talking about things that does not seem to know, from a place where everything that comes from their peripheries sound like an attack to the sacred unity of the (ex-)empire.

It seems very difficult to understand how we, Catalans, can continue to be annexed to such totalitarian way of thinking. Do you tolerate diversity? Democracy? Freedom of choice? If not, then, we, Catalans, better leave this and become an independent Nation. Yes, I said Nation. The same word that has been forbidden (hmmm, were we -Catalonia- the land of ban?) from an already meager Charter, something that was written by our representatives elected democratically, and then, was voted by our people -Catalans, of course-, and later endorsed by the Spanish Parliament -another elected organ- but what several judges -not voted in any election, cut and interpreted following Franco's frameworks. The same judges who have inserted up to fourteen times "Spain in the only sovereign nation in Spain". Fourteen times! Do they think Catalans are idiots?

To this, I answer that Catalans are not idiots, and that we shall become independent in the near future. Due to, and among other reasons, this type of reactions from the Spanish cavern. As follows, ability to not tolerate diversity, ability to plunder some €60M/day from Catalonia, lack in investments for infrastructure, magnificent and extraordinary waiting lists in the Health Service, lack of investment in Education, discrimination against Catalonia's own language in our own land. And I leave a few more.

Perhaps we are not "the land of ban" more than others try to ban us from existing. At the end of the day, our bans, like the ban on burkhas is made to protect women from that barbaric tradition of having to cover their faces "in the name of God", and the ban on bullfighting to extend the protection of animals to bulls too.

One recommendation to your journalist, do not come to Catalonia, perhaps you will be next one to be banned from entering. Or maybe we shall perform one last "corrida" using him as the object of fun, parody and ridiculous. Drugging him, sawing his horns and severing his neck ligaments prior to being teased, hooked, stabbed and finally dragged along the ring, while his killer waves his ears and perhaps his tail to the public. Would you prefer the "corrida" be banned then?

Jordi  Margalef
Catalunya Acció UK

The full article can be seen by clicking on the following link

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Beyond bullfighting, the Spanish crumble

Today, the Catalan Parliament has decided to ban bullfighting in Catalonia, due to begin in 2012. One less alien tradition to Catalonia. Bullfighting, only typical from Third World countries rather than civilized and democratic Europe, will not longer exist in our country.

Catalonia, its people represented in the Parliament, has decided to embrace the advanced thinking present within the most developed Nations in Europe. Catalonia has suppressed a barbaric Middle Age hobby, disguised as ancestral culture but in fact, used as an instrument of unification by Spain. Who had not heard that the Spanish portrait is based on "sun, paella, flamenco and bullfighting"?

From today, the tourist who seeks all these in Catalonia will have to look for them in other places beyond the borders of Catalonia. We did not share some of these identity symbols with Spain in the first place, they were imposed to us with the Spanish colonization, and we shall get rid of them, as we shall get rid of Spain and become an independent Nation in the near future.

We know there will be outrage among the Spanish ranks. It is understandable, because Spain is only holding together by symbols such as bullfighting and football. Fallen one, the rest will follow, and with this alien symbolism, that artificial country itself. The big Spanish crumble is close to happen for good, being Catalunya Acció one of the main actors on the stage.

Take a look at the Spanish newspapers, their headlines are pointing more at the identity threat, and the possibility that Catalonia becomes independent, than the defence of the bullfighting itself. What more excluding, racist and degrading than condemning a whole Nation to have to hold, and enjoy, performances like men teasing, stabbing, torturing and finally killing a drugged, horn-sawed and stunned animal?

We are proud of having outlawed bullfighting. And will be even more when our duty to become independent from Spain and France will be fulfilled.

Jordi Margalef Turull
Catalunya Acció UK

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Evaluation of the initiative "Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència"

Following the call to create "Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència", last July 20th, by Mr Joan Laporta (ex-chairman FC Barcelona, promoter of Democràcia Catalana), Mr Alfons López Tena (jurist and member of Convergència Democràtica Catalana) and by MP Uriel Bertran (MP for Esquerra),
  • Catalunya Acció evaluates positively the appearance of this initiative, which is in line with the strategy and proposals that Catalunya Acció has been developing since its formation in 2004. In the sense of backing the patriotic union of Catalans in a great electoral coalition as the only way of obtaining a categorical victory of the supporters for independence in the contest of the elections at the Parliament of the Principality of Catalonia.
  • In front of the disorientation provoked by the appearance of new initiatives among so many supporters for independence, such as Reagrupament, Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència and the Conferència Nacional del Sobiranisme driven by eminent Moisès Broggi, Joan Blanch, Oriol Domènech, Agustí Bassols, Heribert Barrera and Antoni M Badia, we would like to confirm that is not a symptom of dispersion and disorientation in the supporters for independence, but necessary elements of clarification and consolidation for this political stage, previous to the construction of the "Great Coalition for Independence" that collected all this claim for national freedom.
  • We would request that Mr Joan Carretero and Mr Joan Laporta, as determining elements for this coalition to be real, that for the next days, give their utmost to resolve their differences and reach an agreement, because due to their actual political weight, they have in their hands the power to create this Great Coalition among the different political proposals in favour of independence, projecting unity and victory to the hundreds of thousands of voters who are claiming such Coalition.
  • The actual international context, having the International Court of Justice endorsed the legality of the unilateral declarations of independence, opens a historical opportunity for the Catalan Nation and, so, forces even more the nationalist leaders to be to be at the level of the circumstances and not defraud the longing of independence of the Catalan people.
  • Catalunya Acció maintains the compromise acquired since its foundation, promoting and collaborating in the construction of this Great Coalition for Independence, as the key factor in the strategy to achieve independence. Because of this compromise, Catalunya Acció will remain vigilant and alert that opportunistic, last minute climbers or infiltrates, always present in every political activity do not impair or manipulate this coalition project.Catalunya Acció
Barcelona, July 26th 2010

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The International Court of Justice endorses processes of independence and affirms the that independence of Kosovo does not violate international law


We trust that we, all Catalans, know how to be at the level of the opportunity that is offering us the world of constituting ourselves in state.

Josep Castany
Counsellor Catalunya Acció and General Secretary Força Catalunya

Kosovans wave flags during "independence day" celebrations in Pristina in 2009

Sunday, 18 July 2010

UK Parliament MP presents motion recognising Catalonia as a nation. Laura Pous, CNA

The proposal expresses MP's concerns that Catalan democratic will has been over-ruled by the Spanish Constitutional Court and says that Catalonia should have the right to decide its own future.

London (CNA).- An MP has presented a motion in the Westminster Parliament in support for Catalonia and the Catalan Statute of Autonomy approved in the 2006 referendum. “Catalonia is a nation, that is how Catalans see it, and that is certainly how I see it from London”, said Plaid Cymru MP Hywel Williams, who presented the motion in Parliament. “The statement expresses our support and solidarity with the people in Catalonia”, said Williams, who noted the 'remarkable' demonstration of more than one million people that took place in Catalonia on July 10th.

The statement promoted by the Welsh MPs recognises 'the right' of Catalan residents 'to democratically determine their own future'. In fact, the protest on July 10th had the motto ‘We are a nation. We decide'. The text presented in the UK Parliament states that the protest in Barcelona was 'in favour of proper powers for Catalonia' and welcomes 'the continuing debate over the constitution of Catalonia'.

The motion expresses concern that 'future constitutional developments in Catalonia which take place with the support of the governments and people of Catalonia may face judicial review by organisations which are not neutral or independent'. The 2006 Statute of Catalonia was passed by the Catalan and Spanish Parliaments and voted on in referendum, but the Spanish Constitutional Court decided to cut 14 of its articles and reinterpret 23 others. The ruling reduced the scope of devolved powers in Catalonia and stated that Catalonia cannot be legally recognised as a nation because Spain is the state’s 'only nation'.

Williams argued that the Constitutional Court in Madrid has not been 'independent' in the ruling about the Statute of Catalonia. “We support decisions to be made in Catalonia and not to be subject to revision by people from outside”, he said. “It is important for us to make our views known as Welsh nationalists, and to show our solidarity with the people in Catalonia, and for the people of Catalonia to know where we stand”. Some Scottish and Irish MPs are also expected to support the motion, and Williams hopes that English MPs will also be sensible to the situation in Catalonia.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Towards the final victory


Celebrate today the title, because tomorrow Catalonia will celebrate its independence. Football is all what you have left of your "Empire".

As Catalonia is walking unstoppably towards freedom, stronger than ever, Spain can only offer misery, corruption, crisis, unemployment, bullfighting, flamenco and football.

Enjoy it while you can.

Jordi Margalef Turull
Member of Catalunya Acció

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Força Catalunya

Catalonia was born to become a nation, not to become a province.

The presentation of the web of Força Catalunya may seem, at first glance, a purely political act. However, to understand and grasp its deepest sense, it is necessary to view it in a broader context; the transformation of the conscience that is happening worldwide, and especially, within our nation.

The old thinking, still present in large sectors of our population, is ruled by deception, error and fear. With the conception engendered by this conscience, people, Nature and nations are reduced to objects which can be manipulated and subdued. Whoever is anchored with this conscience oscillates between weakness and despotism, producing the old game of dominations, where some act as victims and may only beg for what it is already theirs, and others who erect themselves as owners of what it does not belong to them.

This old consciousness has furnished the world that we step in as we open our front door, switch the TV on and on reading the newspapers. A world so full of such flagrant contradictions that is cracking everywhere.

The new conscience that is emerging, without too much noise, recognizes the sacred character of human being, Nature and nations. All beings deserve of this honour. This new conscience originates a clear perception of profound order of the reality and the place every man and every nation occupies. It knows that the destiny of people and countries is determined by their capacity to well their own creativity for everything necessary. This conception of reality creates a new type of relationships, respecting and valuing the others, cooperating and enjoying together the material and spiritual wealth that everybody bears inside.

The political process that the Catalan Nation is living at this moment, it is inscribed in this paradigm of change, where all submissions, and specifically the national, are meant to be overcome. We have entered in a stage where an increasing number of Catalans are not willing to continue with our nation being a Cinderella. We want that Catalonia becomes the owner of its own History.

For dignity of Catalans, and precipitate this new conscience of free men that is joining together, we cannot continue allowing that foreign nations illegally take over the fruits of our intelligence and our work as it has happened for the last Centuries. In no time, it will be the Catalan Nation who shares its national genius, equal-to-equal, with the rest of nations of the world.

Making this change of conscience visible in our nation requires men and women who love every one of their acts in front of the country, men and women who catch their sacred character and have intimate conviction of their huge capacities. Men and women who transmit with their doing the pride of being Catalans and have courage to crown with success the task of freeing our nation. Men and women who be the honourable speakers of the Catalan Nation in front of the Humanity.

So, to precipitate the emergency of the men and women who incarnate this new conscience, is why Força Catalunya has been born.

Maria Torrents
Counsellor Catalunya Acció

Friday, 9 July 2010

The meaning of Força Catalunya. July 8th 2010

With the objective of opening a real hope for the freedom of our Nation, at the beginning of 2005 Catalunya Acció was born, a project of political and national regeneration that has the non-negotiable aim of taking our country to independence around 2014.

From the very beginning, we wanted that the defining treats of the project were the uncorrupted fidelity to the spirit of our nation and to the fixed objectives, intellectual lucidity and pragmatism in the analysis of the causes and the exit ways of the actual national situation, courage to extend to all corners of our nation a brave and optimist discourse, making emphasis in our abilities and our will as determining elements for our national freedom, and clear leadership and strategy to achieve the objective. This strategy has been designed to start and converge the two factors that will vertebrate our independence; popular will and institutional will. Popular will is already in a dynamic process and has come out from its identity trench of the last thirty years to fight for the entity battle, clearly and without complexes. The ballot at Arenys de Munt, which has extended throughout the Nation and Catalans overseas are an irrefutable prove, makes evident that Catalans are not capable to tolerate the submission and humiliation what we live in for any longer. Catalans want a free and prosperous nation.

Arrived into this point, the question that everybody must ask themselves, and that must open the eyes to a lot of our compatriots, still confused, is; What is stopping our independence? The answer to this question is precisely the determining lesson in this process. And the answer is; all those who have made their way of life from the actual situation of submission of our Country and work, actively or passively, to box Catalonia into Spain, condemning us to an unavoidable national decadence. The exponent of this stoppage is the current Catalan political establishment.

It is in this point where Força Catalunya comes into action. It is conceived as another tool within the general strategy of Catalunya Acció. Força Catalunya is the electoral tool that has to play a determining role in the configuration of this institutional will. Without it, our wish for independence will always suffer from systematic frustration.

It is necessary that Catalans unveil their eyes, and painful as it might be, realize that the stoppage, the cap that obstructs our independence are the politicians seated in the Parliament of Catalonia. Ones because they are the right hand of Spain, and their politics pursue the provincialization of Catalonia, its disappearance as a Nation, and the others, for their coward collaborationism, that does not go further than begging for what has always belonged to the Catalan Nation but was taken by the force of the arms and the legal imposition.

The presence of Força Catalunya in the electoral Catalan map has to serve as catalyst for the new conscience that is growing throughout our nation to emerge, clearly and strongly. To become free men, loyal and incorruptible at the Nation's service. A consciousness that will substitute the old political conscience that has brought us to the actual cul-de-sac.

To make Independence possible and the deep national regeneration that our Nation needs, is essential a political regeneration, in other words, the substitution of the actual political class for men and women contrastedly loyal to Catalonia.

Because without a real and deep political regeneration it is impossible a national regeneration, which guarantees a dignified independence and assures the decolonization at all levels of the national life.

When the two wills, popular and institutional, become synchronized, and the men who incarnate this new consciousness of courage, integrity and service take the lead of the country, Independence will fall as a ripe fruit.

And, with the Catalan State, we shall have the instrument in our hands to reconstruct this divided, colonized and impoverished nation that we have inherited.

Political independence is, then, the necessary instrument to achieve not only material prosperity, but over all, to return us our own way of being, masked and deformed during so many centuries of domination. It is in this rooting in our national idiosyncrasy what will return us the pride of being Catalans, and by showing the creating spark and strength of character that beats in the heart of the Catalan nation, will explode the spiritual glory that our nation has shown in so many moments of its History.

The challenge that Força Catalunya has now is impressive. We know that it will not be exempt of difficulties, but our strength is powerful. The same spirit that was incarnated in Guifré, Oliba,

Ermessenda and the King James I for funding the Catalan Nation, Roger de Flor, Joanot Martorell, Llull or Muntaner for enlarging it, and Verdaguer and Macià for waking it up from the sleep is now alive among us and will conduct with no obstruction to the achievement of the freedom and regeneration of our Nation.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Força Catalunya will be officially launched tonight

Tonight, during his speech at the dinner called, amongst others, by Suma Independència, Santiago Espot will present the official launch of Força Catalunya. The aim of Força Catalunya will be to obtain the independence of Catalonia around 2014.

The event will count with the attendance of several important leaders in the political struggle of Catalonia for its independence. Apart from Santiago Espot, the dinner will count with the presence of Enric Canela, professor at the University of Barcelona and founder of Suma Independència; Heribert Barrera, ex-president of the Parliament of Catalonia; Dr Moisès Broggi, surgeon, holder of the St George's Cross and Toni Strubell, grandson of the great Catalan doctor Josep Trueta,exiled in England at the end of the Spanish war, holder of the St George's Cross, and other personalities.

Its website can be accessed by clicking on this link

The contest for the Catalan elections has begun.

Força Catalunya!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Why are we not attending the demonstration?

We understand the reasons why a lot of supporters of the independence of Catalonia are wandering whether to attend the demonstration on July 10th. To shout "Independence!", marching besides other supporters of independence, protesting against the mistreatment we suffer from Spain, and so.

Catalunya Acció respects the right of people to attend this demonstration, that is only fair, but nonetheless, as an organization, we shall never go besides nor behind the maximum responsible, our  political leaders, who have led our Nation to the current situation for their sickly obsession of fitting Catalonia into Spain. Being it in form of autonomism or federalism. This failure was already announced 30 years ago and now we are living, life, the last stages before the breakage.

If our regionalist politicians want to defend the "Estatut", they must move their arses and do the job we pay them to do, it means, from the Government and the Parliament. Our regional MP's only make contact with their people when they need to save their seats and their way of life.

The motto "right to decide" is very blurred and not compromised so that everybody can assume it for their interests. Some parties are already using it as an carrot slogan for the next elections. Some others are using it to keep the subsidies from the government, and the day after, everybody will interpret the demonstration as they want.

We do not want the "right to decide", it is already ours. Catalunya Acció wants independence and a Catalan State. The only hurdle to achieve it is the nuisance, the stop that represents the actual politician class, who feel very comfortable in Spain and who we must remove urgently if we want to have a prosperous and dignified future. The country is failing from the top and until we do not solve this problem, we shall remain in the actual hole.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Catalunya Acció calls to not to attend the demonstration on July 10th

Catalunya Acció calls to not to attend the demonstration that is being summoned against the sentence by the Constitutional Court which cuts considerably the powers of the autonomous government of Catalonia.

Santiago Espot, CEO Catalunya Acció, has expressed his rejection to the demonstration summoned to July 10th, 'this sentence is very well deserved to all those who have kept us in a tangle, telling us that we had to do everything possible to live in Spain together. It is well deserved to all those who have been living from the idea that Catalans had to believe that the fitting of Catalonia within Spain was possible.

We shall now see whether they have the dignity and the courage necessary to do the same to Spain that Spain has done to them, giving a very loud slap on the face'.

No supporter of independence may attend a demonstration summoned by Jose Montilla. The same man who said not long ago that "we will fight any support for independence".