Friday, 22 January 2010

Adding for independence

Occupied countries have always suffered the stigma of division. It seems a previous condition to freedom. It is not strange, then, that our outstanding leaders have warned us about this danger and wave the flag of unity. One of them, writer Agusti Calvet -better known in History as Gaziel-, in the most difficult moments of our history, the beginning of the Francoist regime, wrote: "At this moment, I would sacrifice everything for the unity of Catalans. It is not that is an essential job; it is the only job".

Luckily, we do not live in a gloomy dictatorship, but we live in a time where every day, more see that our future will be well dark if we do not achieve independence. It is one of the most important moments of our history, although we are conscious that achieving our objective will not be easy and, because of that it is prevailing amongst us the spirit of the union that was defended by Gaziel.

This is the intention that has urged the manifest "Suma Independència", presented on December 17th, in Barcelona, being one of the more that 1,900 signers to the date. Some voices have presented it as a competition against other options supporting of independence more or less consolidated in the eyes of the public opinion. Furthermore, there is always who sees it as a dark manoeuvre to divide the votes of those who wish the independence of Catalonia when, in fact, this vote is already divided amongst different political forces with representation in the Parliament for many years. Take a look at the number of supporters of independence voting CiU -Convergència i Unió-, ERC -Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya- or Iniciativa. Even some of them count in the rank and file of the PSC -Socialists-, some of their members collaborated enthusiastically in the organization of the ballots on the last December 13th. And we should not forget the big number of supporters of independence that remain at home every election. Would you like a bigger division of the vote than today?

Agglutinate all this vote, making it effective with view to our independence is not easy. Among other things, because the people know perfectly that, in election to the autonomous Parliament, we can only elect those who have to administrate the crumbs that are left by the Spanish power. Overturn this situation and transform the next elections to Parliament into a plebiscite for independence of Catalonia comes by articulating a front for the "yes", the widest and transversally possible. That means, a coalition where the only common denominator among all the participants is the proclamation of the Catalan State. The origin and political profile of its constituents must be varied and represent all sensibilities. It is not being "within" but "besides". Because a coalition is a temporary alliance of people or parties with a common objective, and nothing better than representing the wish for unity that is claimed by the big majority of patriots of our country. We know that in this union, neither we are equal nor we want to be. Who does like uniformity? Therefore, there will be big ones and smaller ones. This is the key to success, know how to combine potentials. One coalition stages an authentic team spirit and their most outstanding faces may be identifiable with the different shades within the movement supporting independence. We cannot be so ingenuous to believe that all who desire the independence of Catalonia will be willing to unite in only one of these shades and achieve absolute majority.

To crystallize this initiative, it is essential to see beyond our own lines and be able to build alliances and weave complicities. We can not minimize ourselves because all forces supporting independence, be it the smallest one, are necessary in this titanic battle. Valuing strengths and possibilites of one or the other goes beyond the simple number of militants. In these determining hours of our history, there is no place for childishness and school yard envies.

Catalonia demands to leave personal interests apart and to have a vision to go beyond our own convinced. The signers to "Suma Independència" are willing to make this gesture.

Who is accompanying us to add for freedom?

Santiago Espot
CEO Catalunya Acció

Friday, 8 January 2010

Comment on the article "The future of Catalonia: Of bulls and ballots", The Economist

Almost a quarter of a million citizens of Catalonia, including new coming migrants, have already backed up the independence of Catalonia by voting in some 167 illegal polls. And this is only the first wave of ballots, as two more are to come. Perhaps we should remind the journalist that they were prohibited by the Spanish Courts. Interesting datum this one!

Also, why have you not mentioned that the actual question of debate -the Independence of the whole Catalan Nation, not only the Principality of Catalonia- is illegal in the so-called Spanish democratic Constitution? Is that an interested bias from you, or does it respond to an obscure diktat by certain Spanish institutions?

Anyway, Catalonia is on the road to independence, this is unstoppable. No matter how many articles against Catalonia are published on the media. Be sure that within the next few years -perhaps before-, Catalonia will achieve its freedom and will take its seat at the European Union institutions, among the 27 other independent countries that form this organism.
Catalonia, the Next State in Europe.
Jordi Margalef
Catalunya Acció UK

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