Friday, 8 January 2010

Comment on the article "The future of Catalonia: Of bulls and ballots", The Economist

Almost a quarter of a million citizens of Catalonia, including new coming migrants, have already backed up the independence of Catalonia by voting in some 167 illegal polls. And this is only the first wave of ballots, as two more are to come. Perhaps we should remind the journalist that they were prohibited by the Spanish Courts. Interesting datum this one!

Also, why have you not mentioned that the actual question of debate -the Independence of the whole Catalan Nation, not only the Principality of Catalonia- is illegal in the so-called Spanish democratic Constitution? Is that an interested bias from you, or does it respond to an obscure diktat by certain Spanish institutions?

Anyway, Catalonia is on the road to independence, this is unstoppable. No matter how many articles against Catalonia are published on the media. Be sure that within the next few years -perhaps before-, Catalonia will achieve its freedom and will take its seat at the European Union institutions, among the 27 other independent countries that form this organism.
Catalonia, the Next State in Europe.
Jordi Margalef
Catalunya Acció UK

If you wish to read the full article by the Economist, please click on the link below:

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