Friday, 9 July 2010

The meaning of Força Catalunya. July 8th 2010

With the objective of opening a real hope for the freedom of our Nation, at the beginning of 2005 Catalunya Acció was born, a project of political and national regeneration that has the non-negotiable aim of taking our country to independence around 2014.

From the very beginning, we wanted that the defining treats of the project were the uncorrupted fidelity to the spirit of our nation and to the fixed objectives, intellectual lucidity and pragmatism in the analysis of the causes and the exit ways of the actual national situation, courage to extend to all corners of our nation a brave and optimist discourse, making emphasis in our abilities and our will as determining elements for our national freedom, and clear leadership and strategy to achieve the objective. This strategy has been designed to start and converge the two factors that will vertebrate our independence; popular will and institutional will. Popular will is already in a dynamic process and has come out from its identity trench of the last thirty years to fight for the entity battle, clearly and without complexes. The ballot at Arenys de Munt, which has extended throughout the Nation and Catalans overseas are an irrefutable prove, makes evident that Catalans are not capable to tolerate the submission and humiliation what we live in for any longer. Catalans want a free and prosperous nation.

Arrived into this point, the question that everybody must ask themselves, and that must open the eyes to a lot of our compatriots, still confused, is; What is stopping our independence? The answer to this question is precisely the determining lesson in this process. And the answer is; all those who have made their way of life from the actual situation of submission of our Country and work, actively or passively, to box Catalonia into Spain, condemning us to an unavoidable national decadence. The exponent of this stoppage is the current Catalan political establishment.

It is in this point where Força Catalunya comes into action. It is conceived as another tool within the general strategy of Catalunya Acció. Força Catalunya is the electoral tool that has to play a determining role in the configuration of this institutional will. Without it, our wish for independence will always suffer from systematic frustration.

It is necessary that Catalans unveil their eyes, and painful as it might be, realize that the stoppage, the cap that obstructs our independence are the politicians seated in the Parliament of Catalonia. Ones because they are the right hand of Spain, and their politics pursue the provincialization of Catalonia, its disappearance as a Nation, and the others, for their coward collaborationism, that does not go further than begging for what has always belonged to the Catalan Nation but was taken by the force of the arms and the legal imposition.

The presence of Força Catalunya in the electoral Catalan map has to serve as catalyst for the new conscience that is growing throughout our nation to emerge, clearly and strongly. To become free men, loyal and incorruptible at the Nation's service. A consciousness that will substitute the old political conscience that has brought us to the actual cul-de-sac.

To make Independence possible and the deep national regeneration that our Nation needs, is essential a political regeneration, in other words, the substitution of the actual political class for men and women contrastedly loyal to Catalonia.

Because without a real and deep political regeneration it is impossible a national regeneration, which guarantees a dignified independence and assures the decolonization at all levels of the national life.

When the two wills, popular and institutional, become synchronized, and the men who incarnate this new consciousness of courage, integrity and service take the lead of the country, Independence will fall as a ripe fruit.

And, with the Catalan State, we shall have the instrument in our hands to reconstruct this divided, colonized and impoverished nation that we have inherited.

Political independence is, then, the necessary instrument to achieve not only material prosperity, but over all, to return us our own way of being, masked and deformed during so many centuries of domination. It is in this rooting in our national idiosyncrasy what will return us the pride of being Catalans, and by showing the creating spark and strength of character that beats in the heart of the Catalan nation, will explode the spiritual glory that our nation has shown in so many moments of its History.

The challenge that Força Catalunya has now is impressive. We know that it will not be exempt of difficulties, but our strength is powerful. The same spirit that was incarnated in Guifré, Oliba,

Ermessenda and the King James I for funding the Catalan Nation, Roger de Flor, Joanot Martorell, Llull or Muntaner for enlarging it, and Verdaguer and Macià for waking it up from the sleep is now alive among us and will conduct with no obstruction to the achievement of the freedom and regeneration of our Nation.

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