Thursday, 8 July 2010

Força Catalunya will be officially launched tonight

Tonight, during his speech at the dinner called, amongst others, by Suma Independència, Santiago Espot will present the official launch of Força Catalunya. The aim of Força Catalunya will be to obtain the independence of Catalonia around 2014.

The event will count with the attendance of several important leaders in the political struggle of Catalonia for its independence. Apart from Santiago Espot, the dinner will count with the presence of Enric Canela, professor at the University of Barcelona and founder of Suma Independència; Heribert Barrera, ex-president of the Parliament of Catalonia; Dr Moisès Broggi, surgeon, holder of the St George's Cross and Toni Strubell, grandson of the great Catalan doctor Josep Trueta,exiled in England at the end of the Spanish war, holder of the St George's Cross, and other personalities.

Its website can be accessed by clicking on this link

The contest for the Catalan elections has begun.

Força Catalunya!

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