Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The word 'fear' does not exist for Catalunya Acció

I would like to talk about fear, and especially, about the fear of the Catalans. Some might wander, but Catalans, have they fear? Well, in certain measure, do so.

We often observe that there are many people who switch languages in front of who speak the language of the Spanish and French colonizers. Many wander how can they defend our own language in front of this swarm of linguistic deserters that populate the country. The answer, surely, has more than one explanation. But is necessary to remember that, after three centuries, Catalans have been subject continuously to the tyranny of the fear.

It is so that today, we collect the fruit of a constant persecution still suffered as a nation, as a language and as individuals with differentiated character and personality.

Fear is the result of a nothing but innocent strategy. Be it by the force of the arms, first, aimed to impose over an alien country, be it with legislation which obviates the original, the ultimate aim is to inflict in the colony's population the habit of fear, and doing it so that this population acquires and internalizes it to the point of believing that is an absolutely normal and unconscious behaviour. Fear might be unconscious, but is never normal.

In fact, though, how would we want that a country subject to wars, murders, persecutions, public punishments and mockery, looting and constant illegalities during three centuries? Few countries have suffered such fierce harassment for being simply people with their own personality. In the Mediterranean, for example, we might find a similar case with the besiege suffered by the Jews.

Despite this, how do we explain that the percentage of Catalans in support of independence of Catalonia is higher than ever? Apparently, if we judge by certain attitudes that speak about a presumably acquired fear, it might seem that the need for our independence would create certain mistrust. And it is because of that, the need to end everything that has caused these fears, that is when the urgency to stop and face the abuser is demonstrated. But, who takes the first step?

The word fear does not exist for Catalunya Acció. And we are ready.

Ready to initiate a process to break definitely with Spain and France.

Ready to break definitely with the abuser and all who, from Catalonia, collaborate with them.

Ready for independence to stop being politically orphan, and to begin the journey that will lead our flag to be flown among the rest of flags of Europe.

Ready to demonstrate to Spain, France and everybody, that never, ever, it is possible to destroy winning people.

Albert Ubach
Member Catalunya Acció

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