Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Now it is necessary to get the engines running for Independence from within the Parliament

Catalunya Acció is not doing otherwise but following its strategy towards the achievement of the Independence of Catalonia around 2014, the objective proclaimed at its birth in 2004.

To achieve our independence, two forces must be active. One comes from outside the Parliament, the other comes from within. Naturally, it is absolutely necessary that these forces target their objectives to one direction, the independence of Catalonia.

The forces from outside have already begun and are up and running to achieve it -Catalunya Acció, the ballots, 10Mil and other multiple organizations and platforms.

Now it is necessary to bring the discourse for independence to the Parliament, we need to start the second engine. So that is the task and goal for Força Catalunya.

Salvador Molins
Counsellor Catalunya Acció

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