Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We are not only the 4 provinces

All who demand a Catalan State without mentioning that Catalonia is a Nation, split and colonized by two oppressive European States, perpetuate the deception of the oppressors, which is that Catalonia is a region of Spain.

We cannot claim for a State and continue to be politically corrects, that is selfcensoring in order to please. This behaviour has kept us subject to the enemy. We speak about dignity, but we will not be dignified when the truth is distorted and behave as chained slaves.

The perspective of the National problematic, meaning the denounce of the National exploitation both to the territory within the French State -the poorest, with highest unemployment index in France's departments, and the territory within the Spanish State, is not only an ethical perspective, of respect to the historical memory, fidelity to the roots, agreement with a minority -the few non-colonized Catalans, but instead is a pragmatic view. May we afford to hide the truth when the survival as European Nation is so threatened?

We must tell the truth for three main reasons, on one hand to convince the rest of Europeans about the existence of the Nation; from the other hand, to obtain help from the other European Nations that strive to obtain their own State; and finally, to encourage and pride our own compatriots, who ignore, generally, the limits of our own territory.

Europe is conscious, from decades ago, of the problems of the border regions and tried to find solutions and giving development grants. But the next step is missing, recognizing that a lot of problems of these border regions hide national problems and that conceding money to regions that have no legal reconnaissance such as the Northern Catalonia -subject to the double colonialism from Paris and Montpellier, is a temporary patch.

In Europe, is only known the existence of the Catalonia as a region in Spain and its maximum claim is for autonomy. How may we convince them that we are not a region in Spain, that we want a Catalan State, if we do not inform them that we are a dismembered Nation, doubly oppressed from three centuries ago? Moreover, bringing up the double oppression both from Spain and France make the Basques, Bretons, Alsatians, Corses and the long list of nations colonized by France overseas potential allies.

Exposing the own cause as well as defending the cause of these others is not adding forces? Is it not the reinforcement of the credibility we want to achieve? How can we explain that we glorify ourselves for our universalism, defending peace and giving humanitarian aid all over the world and yet we cannot defend our own cause? How is that we prefer to minimize, dilute, remain within a provincial framework, instead of being the speakers for the colonized nations and more particularly in one self-satisfied so-called democratic Europe?

Both Pau Casals and Oscar Ribes knew how to take advantage of a worldwide spread message to refer to the existence of the whole Catalan Countries. They situated Catalonia in the linguistic and cultural field; now is the time to denounce the inner colonialisms in Europe, the negation of the existence of nations split by false borders, victims of occult identity genocides.

Not delimiting the territories of the Catalan Nation perpetuates the betrayal by Pujol's government who affirmed in big banners hung around the Alt Empordà: "som una nació, som 6 milions" -"we are a nation, we are 6 millions"- as if Catalonia began at La Jonquera. We, the excluded, the Northern Catalans, Majorcans, Valencians, Andorrans and from Alguer, cannot allow that our Catalanism is concealed by allegedly pragmatic reasons.

The true pragmatism in the 21st Century is to make discourses to break from three and a half centuries of colonization, having the self-awareness that we have been formatted to hide, to beg, to be pleased with minimalist vindications such as the Spanish Constitution, amnesty for the Francoist executioners, the "Estatut" already defeated fifty years ago, and now, the Nation limited to the four provinces.

The true pragmatism is to break with the colonial selfcensorship, spreading the legitimate reasons of our fight, conciliating our people.

Daniela Grau Humbert
Counsellor Catalunya Acció Northern Catalonia

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