Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We are forced to overcome

Catalans are forced to overcome. Thousand years of History, culture, language and identity are not casual. They are not casual because despite all blasts, hatred, wars, division of our Nation, the constant try of genocide and extermination suffered, even nowadays, we are the living example of a resistive, combative nation proud of oneself, even if this pride is not always explicitly shown.

We are forced to overcome. Because a nation that has been able to resist blows of constant hatred for centuries is destined to disappear not but to overcome. Because we form part of a country which, when everything seems lost, when the cruelty of the knives against our skins seems to reach our bone marrow, this country, the holly Catalan Nation, has the capacity to emerge from the ashes and resprouts within the patriot's hearts the strength and nerve that appeared deadly wounded.

We are forced to overcome because we are at war. Catalonia is in war against hatred, against hatred to the difference we represent; hatred against our inner capacity of resistance, against our stubborn will to continue existing; against our persistance. And we are at war against a political class who, with their inaction, their fiscal teasing and their complicity following the Spanish and French establishments, perpetuates and legitimates a colonial situation that is taking Catalonia to a sure death.
We are forced to overcome because are indebited to the thousands of Catalans who, during Centuries, have died defending the Independence of the Catalan Nation. For all those Catalans who during Centuries, suffered execution, looting, prosecution, torture, mockery, contempt, violation... only for being Catalan. For all those who, in the last decades, have suffered torture under presumably democratic regimes, only for being supporters of independence. We have the moral right to honour our patriots, philosophers, poets, painters, architects, scientists, musicians, soldiers, national heroes... and glorify their names at the altars of the future that we are beginning to conquer.

We are forced to overcome because our is the battle of love. An infinite and unnegotiable love for our roots, our language, our Catalan identity, our geography, to the memory of our ancestors, freedom and dignity. And love to recuperate the Catalan State to live fully and normally within our own country. The battle for independence is not just another battle, is the battle of love against hatred.

This love towards ourselves is what has fed our people and given them strength to resist the rushes of Spanish and French hate. And this love is today, again, the force that feeds the soldiers of freedom, the soldiers of the freedom of Catalonia.
Catalans, on September 11th come out to proclaim a victory that we want -and will- be real, and proclaim with our heads up our pride of being Catalan. And that, conscious of the strength that this love and our moral duty will bring us the final victory. Do not doubt, we shall overcome.

Visca Catalunya Lliure!

Albert Ubach
Catalunya Acció

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