Monday, 29 August 2011

Heribert Barrera's name will be written in golden characters in our History books

Heribert Barrera defended the Independence of Catalonia until his last minute. Thank you!

The ex-president of our Parliament, and ERC -Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya- historical leader has died at the age of 94.

Heribert Barrera, after an extraordinary career in defense of Catalonia, and at his 94 years of age, marched in front of the last demonstration in support of the independence of Catalonia, with a header "For our future: INDEPENDENCE". This was on July 9th, just a month ago, in Barcelona. Shame on the high profile politicians who remained at home that day.

In that rally, this honourable and venerable defender of Catalonia, alongside Drs Broggi and Domènech had to be lifted with a small forklift onto a makeshift scaffolding to be seen during their speech at the end.

This was the last real homage from the "Ignobles" to one of the most significates and corageous defenders of actual Catalonia, Heribert Barrera.

His name  will appear in golden letters in our History books whereas todays ruling Ignoble will be forgotten forever.

Some of whom will publicly homage Mr Barrera at his funeral, will have to be ashamed of their own meanness.

Salvador Molins (BIC)

Heriber Barrera fought to defend our freedom until his last minute. Thank you!

Heribert Barrera: noble defender of Catalonia

FREEDOM FOR CATALONIA: Political demonstration. Brussels, 2009

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