Monday, 14 March 2011

Why "Solidaritat Catalana"?

I have always been convinced that the process of independence of Catalonia had to be galvanized by a new political force. I mean: I would not like that was only starred on its own. Support for independence of Catalonia is too polyhedral and transversal for this to be possible. Moreover, Catalans have not the gregarious spirit possessed by other nations as to dance at the same time to the same tune. Look at the Parliament of the Principality of Catalonia, there now coexist eight political formations, since the last act of desertion of a Member of the Parliament. And that now happens when everywhere, it tends to the concentration of the vote in only a few options. This only certifies that our country is very difficult, politically speaking.

From Catalunya Acció, and following this script, since the beginning of 2009, have talked about this new political option to activate a process of creation of an independent Catalan State. After what surrounded the elections on November 28th, one political party was erected the winner: Solidaritat Catalana (SI). However, we must reckon that too often, too many expectations from the new or emerging actors on stage have been disappointing only beginning. Who does not remember ERC -Esquerra Republicana- or the names Colom and Rahola?

This has not been the case of SI, only with the Declaration of Independence Act and the support for the independence poll next April 10th, has done more to break with Spain that other who, calling themselves supporters of independence, have dragged their feet for years and years on the corridors of the Parliament of Catalonia. In fact, this last declaration, has achieved an unlikely and determining fact to allow the Parliament, one day, to proclaim unilateral independence of the Catalan State. Our Congress recognises itself as home of the sovereignty of the Catalan People.

The parliamentary action by Solidaritat has demonstrated that their goal and their priority is of the declaration of independence. The same one Catalunya Acció was asking for since its creation, the beginning of 2005. In such situation, what did we had to do? Do as any other small group and say that we did not agree with the colour of the trousers or the tie of their MP's? The famous "unity" that we asked for starts by praising other people's achievements. At least, we do not hurt by celebrating Tena's, Bertran's Strubell's, Valdero's or Lopez Bofill's good doing and of the thousands of who have adhered to the project of SI, despite the differences we might have had in the past. This is not the residual support for independence, it is the emerging one, and "express"! Because this service is the fastest, most modern and efficient, unlike the Spanish civil servant mentality characterized by the infamous "come tomorrow" which has grafted within a lot of our nationals, visiting too often "Carrera de San Jeronimo".

For all this, the best way, from the ranks of Catalunya Acció, to grow and to make stronger Solidaritat Catalana, is to coordinate efforts of both organizations, beginning by being me, after yesterday elections, in their candidate to Mayor of Barcelona. And I can assure, in case I am elected, that my political action within its Council will be well clear, to make our city the spearhead of the process for independence of Catalonia. Only in this way is how our capital city may start acquiring a personality and character of the capital of the next Catalan State.

Santiago Espot
CEO Catalunya Acció

Article published by Nació Digital

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