Saturday, 5 March 2011

"Ciudadanos" fears that the independence of Catalonia will be achieved in 4 or 8 years

On the right: Albert Rivera, presenting the petition against independence of Catalonia in Madrid

The President of "Ciudadanos" (C's), nacionalist Spanish party in Catalonia, has requested the Spanish President, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, to "react" and stop the debate at the Catalan Parliament about the independence of Catalonia. Ciudadanos alerts that support for independence might win "in four to eight years". Albert Rivera, President of Ciudadanos, affirmed that the Bureau of the Parliament committed "a big mistake" when it allowed a process that "dynamites coexistence and the Constitutional system" the go-ahead. The debate about our independence is as serious as if "it legally requested annexation of Valencia to Catalonia".

The petition by C's

C's reclaim that the Spanish government presented, before two months, an appeal to unconstitutionality against the decision by the Bureau of the Parliament of Catalonia. This decision was for allowing the debate the Unilateral Independence Act, proposed by Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència. Not appealing against that, in Ciudadanos' opinion, will be fatal to the unity of Spain. Mr Rivera explained that, although might not succeed now, the debate will create a precedent and "what today might not win in vote, perhaps in four to eight years would be possible".

Stop the proposal

The President of C's asked the Spanish government to act in the same way they did against the Consultations via Referendum Act, and presents an appeal to the Constitutional Court to stop the proposal. In C's opinion, "it is absurd that an autonomic Parliament, lacked of sovereignty and capacity to debate the establishment of new borders within Spain, pretended to do so".

Link to the news (in Catalan)

This is Spanish "democracy". Never mind Catalans and what the majority of them think and act upon.

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