Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Jewish State (Theodore Herzl)

What is "The Jewish State" -this capital book in the history of Judaism- in the diffusion of Zionism? Well, something like "The Catalan nationality" by Enric Prat de la Riba, or "Us, the Valencians" by Joan Fuster. A foundational text, fundamental for the comprehension of the nationality by the Jewish people, and a way to their accomplishment as a Nation.

The book is a breviary where this Jew born in Pest, and son of a rich family, journalist, playwright, Bachelor in Law, formulated the bases for the resolution of the Jewish problem: the necessary will of the Jewish people, negotiation and international intervention to look for a territory and the solution.

Herzl (1860-1904), conscious of the strength and durability of the anti-Semitism, pointed towards a solution that, ensured, will be achieved years after his death. And he enumerated the bases, the program, the method to build the Jewish Nation. Two localities appear ideal to accommodate the people of the Diaspora and the Holocaust: Argentine and Palestine.

Herzl, one year after the publication of this principal book, convoked in Basel the World Zionist Congress, occupying the presidency of the Zionist Organization.

The first step was taken. The book shook consciences and started an unheard mobilization across the globe. Second, the Judaism created a successful organizational structure, necessary tool to achieve the goal.

As a people that suffers from national oppression and the deprivation of its own State, "The Jewish State" constitutes for Catalans a necessary reading to know the experiences of other peoples wishing for their freedom.

Pere Meroño

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