Thursday, 12 August 2010

What kind of people Spain must be that they have to wave the flag of torture?

Spain, for much that boasts, is nothing more than a people of torturers, arrogant and cowards.

How else anybody, to look brave, before taking on the opposition -the bull in this case-, would torture and wound it in the most disgraceful way?

What kind of nation, what kind of people, we have for forceful associates?

We must break, politically and nationally, with them with the utmost emergency, before they do not take us all as "bulls".

Salvador Molins
(Member BIC and Catalunya Acció)

President Montilla declared, once he voted for bullfighting, that his vote was for freedom -we must understand that for those who take pleasure contemplating that brutal performance, those who are pleased at looking at dying wounded, teased and disadvantaged bulls-. It is clear that the second part of the sentence was omitted, but in reality, stabbing, torturing and kill a disadvantaged animal is something not for libertarians but savage and bad persons. The bad work of a bad people!

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