Sunday, 7 February 2010

Complying with the law

Catalunya Acció UK is pleased to congratulate Catalunya Acció in the Principality of Catalonia for admitting to have reported during 2009, 3000 shops and other establishments that are in breach of the Normalization of the Catalan Language Act. The Act was endorsed by the Parliament of Catalonia late in 2007 and has not been contested against the Spanish Constitution by any Spanish political party. It allows citizens to report to the authorities of those who do not comply with the terms of the Act.

In words by Santiago Espot, Catalunya Acció is doing what other associations, exclusively dedicated to the promotion of the Catalan language - but subsidized by political parties, are leaving to anonymous citizens to do. Catalunya Acció UK congratulate their brave members and invite other Catalans to join in this action to demonstrate that the ancient Catalan spirit is still alive and the actual subduing of Catalonia to Spain is within the last moments. Needless to say, only those who are against the freedom of speech in the own language of Catalonia, which coincided with those who denounced the celebration of the "illegal" plebiscites for independence, have protested against the the actions by Catalunya Acció amid claims of acting like the nazi Germany. At this moment Catalunya Acció UK wander whether those who negate the application of a, nevertheless, Spanish law are the real nazis. And also wander whether the actual authorities will apply any of the fines previewed in the Act. 


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