Tuesday, 8 December 2009


A recent survey by the UOC -Open University of Catalonia-, still hot from the press, indicated that the number of Catalans in support of independence of Catalonia has increased significantly to a slightly more than 50% of the population. This is the first time ever than a survey, using scientific methods of research, is corroborating what the poll at Arenys de Munt, in September, started to show; that despite all tricks made by our politicians -and leadership in general- to hide under the carpet the growing numbers of people disillusioned with Spain and France, the independence of Catalonia is not only possible but it will be a reality in the next few years. The success of the poll at Arenys and the fact that on December 13th more than 160 other Town Councils will emulate the ballot is only a sign that the 96% of positive result for independence in Arenys de Munt is achievable again.

Such result is only understandable when there is an extreme feeling of burn out among our people against the actual political status and politicians. Remember the poll at Arenys was forbidden by Spain, not legally binding and was threatened by the Spanish fascists. The same pattern is observed for the polls that will happen on December 13th.

But the survey shows a small detail that must not be overseen; the support for independence grows the further the person has been born away from Catalonia, being immigrants from Africa and parts of South America who see independence 'achievable', instead of own Catalans, who are the most numerous ethnic group to see it as 'not achievable'.

Certainly, belief is not rife among Catalans, perhaps too used to lies, tricks, calculated ambiguities and political leaders more preoccupied of reaching a seat at whatever the Parliament available, with the corresponding allowances and privileges, than sorting out the real problems of their people, like the scandalous fiscal deficit -better defined as looting- or the chronic deficient state of the infrastructures.

However, belief is basic to achieve any goal. Because nobody will give us the independence as next Christmas present, it will be our job to take it and to make it happen. In the understanding that the process will be democratic, with ballot boxes and voting papers, we need the rest of Catalans to gain the necessary belief in themselves. Like the heroes from Arenys de Munt, who showed us how it is done, now the rest of Catalonia has to follow suit. Yes! These unofficial ballots are only the starter of a long distance run that will conclude in the independence of Catalonia. As said by Santiago Espot, there will be a fierce dialectical fight between the defenders of the actual privileges system and who wish to achieve independence and only who is more prepared to stand their ground, with stronger belief in their ideals will win. And, the survey shows that people who prefer to remain subdued by Spain do so because of 'feelings' but not 'reasons'. What do you want clearer that that?

Of course, Catalunya Acció accepts this challenge because is composed by men and women not afraid of giants with feet of clay. We have strong confidence in our people because we believe that they will realize of the actual real chances of independence. Catalonia has been a great nation in the past, has been divided, oppressed and invaded, and yet still stands as
the most important pain in the back side of Spain and France. We are natural born winners, otherwise would have disappeared centuries ago, but only need a little more belief in ourselves.

The battle for our future as Catalans continue.

Poster for the 13th December polls.

Jordi Margalef i Turull

Member of Catalunya Acció UK

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