Sunday, 20 September 2009

Building victory IV

Politics of indigence

During the last years, Catalans have attended to a real and intensive Masters Degree in Political indigence. Since the first “Tripartit” (the coalition of Socialist, Comunists and Republicans in the autonomous Catalan government) proposed to renovate that Spanish Organic Law –otherwise called “Estatut”-, that Catalans have been able to evidence, ashamed, the way the Catalan Parliamentarians have starred an endless vaudeville not outclassed by The Ed Sullivan Show. Because, being frank, in a context of economical and national crisis like the actual, the border between the ridicule and the upsetting to which we have attended the “Estatut” number becomes an insult to Catalans.

It has been since thirty years ago that this country was used to sell successes that have been no more than failures and simple smoke curtains to Catalans. It was the consequence to putting in front of the country some ordinary managers of the political indigence that we have inherited today. But reality is tough and always claims its place. There is time when a lot of Catalans realise that is not true that the linguistic policy was a success, nor that we had the best infrastructures of Spain and France, or that even without State, we could use our Catalan in Europe or having National teams like elsewhere in the World. After thirty years, the mirage of linguistic policies and economic politics, social and cultural policies has vanished as the smoke of a wood shaving fire to which Catalans have attended as spectators.

Is it time, then, to stop being spectators and become actors, makers of our future? We now have the historical opportunity to reverse this situation.

Directive regeneration to independence

They say: renovate or die. When the country wants to push towards a direction but their leaders go towards the other, nobody doubt about it; we either change the leaders or we crash with them.

Here we have one of the fundamental conditions that originated the creation of Catalunya Acció. Once the diagnose of the country was made, some action had to be carried out. The first step, of course, started by the beginning of a much needed political regeneration.

But no real political regeneration may happen without a real regeneration of thought, attitude, style but principally innovation. No. There had to be new fire, new ways, new strategies and contributing with new discourse, touching, able to shake the country's morale. To recover the energy, strength, nerve in the discourse to shake the tamed Catalanism that we had in front of our Nation for the last thirty years.

To substitute this obsolete political class, what sort of leadership has to mark the way to independence? How the speeches to the Nation have to be to start a real break with everything established to date? And, especially, how can we assure that we shall not repeat the ways that have showed flaws? Certainly, political regeneration of a country is such a large range project that requires of a strategy that is not built in a few days, or even improvising.

Because, at the end, what future do we want? To create a new Convergencia or a new Esquerra that were really pro-independence, risking the repetition of organization and strategy models that have failed? No. We must go beyond that; regenerating politics coordinating these two fundamental pillars of the country that claim a change of course and an urgent new national focus. This is the change of mind that we have spoken about at Catalunya Accio, and this is, without a doubt, what will guarantee the authentic winning horse to the next elections in 2010. A Company of Companies with the standard of coordination: the Company of Almogavers of the 21st Century.

Time is not for Catalonia. The responsibility of the actual moment demands the maximal implication of Catalans to initiate the course to the authentic political transition that we provide the country with. The count down has begun. Let’s be worthy of not deceiving the country and return Catalonia the opportunity to build a collective victory that we have at our hand’s reach: Independence.

Albert Ubach

Member of Catalunya Acció

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