Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Building victory I

Foundations for political regeneration

From the west

From the west comes the scythe
that pretends the broom’s soul
but from the ashes is reborn
the bird that announces the last combat.

Albert Ubach

“Catalans wish for national Independence enough, but do not see the way to achieve it”.
Carles Muñoz Espinalt.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like you to, just beginning to read this article, stop an instant and read again the sentence by prof. Espinalt which I decided to head this article with. Because, re-reading it, you will understand to the point that never has been said so much in so little: “Catalans wish for national Independence enough, but do not see the way to reach it”.

Here it is. In a sentence, the more precise portrait of a desire, of a wish to be, to remain, to develop; and yet, also, the confirmation of a statement of impossibility, or more clearly, impotence. Professor Muñoz Espinalt, as studious and knowledgeable of Catalan character, expressed loudly a reality that today, many years after his death, is still valid: the tough reality of a defenceless people in front of the aimless wandering of their leadership.

And it is exactly on the second part of the sentence where Espinalt gives us clues for Catalans to find the solution. After describing the main wish for Catalans –wish that is growing even more-, points that, even indirectly, which is the way to be followed to stop being subdued to the wandering caprices of the leaders that do not represent us any longer. Rightly, when he said but they do not see the way to achieve it, orientate us and even encourage us to ask ourselves why Catalans do not know how to achieve it. From here, believe me, the horizon of reflections that opens before us is thrilling.

How victory is achieved?

So, how do you reach victory? How do you achieve victory? What must be done to obtain it? Firstly, we must recognise that victories, as everything we do in life, are the result of combining aptitudes and attitudes. Concepts like work, efficacy, results, etc would not take the same meaning without adding self-esteem and effort to excellence as a creation mark of own value. Aptitude, but especially attitude, especially the latter, are two engines that work alongside each other to obtain the only goal: victory.

We see then, that to achieve victory, the first we must do is to interiorize a basic concept: to act always with morale of victory and winning mentality. Once again, aptitude and attitude are shown like undividable values to face challenges. Because, frankly, what country would trust, eternally, politicians who have never been convinced or decided to achieve victory?

The necessity of political regeneration answers to the need of substitution of the political attitudes of a leadership that has been not representing the Catalan people for years. The necessary substitution of these people, obsolete and fearful of constant flirting with Spain political attitudes, while Catalonia is bleeding everywhere. The necessary substitution of these humiliating political attitudes, only typical from a slave that constantly asks for the master’s permission, and to change them for attitudes of firmness, winning mentality, pride of the country and for the conviction that the right of Independence is a non-negotiable objective and that third parties do not have to decide for us.

Parliament must return to the country

When Catalunya Acció started to introduce the concept of political regeneration, it was made perfectly knowing that political regeneration means new faces that be willing to make new fire, with conviction to start a lighthouse that illuminated the way to victory, not only as a wish but as a duty, persistent and endless. Aptitude, yes, but especially attitude, to face the destiny that History claims to be sought after.

Mathematics say that two parallel lines always join in the infinite. We do not call to Maths, but to common sense, when we say that, certainly, there are two parallel lines that must reconcile: popular and parliamentary. The social fracture that represents the actual situation of political discredit has left Catalans orphans of will, as was already mentioned by Espinalt. Otherwise, how can a country reach victory when does not feel represented by their Parliament? And, how can ensure a honest administration of their wills without putting leaders in front of the country decided to act with strong hand when is necessary? Yes, it is necessary to bet on vibrant politics, able to be touching and speakers for the common wishes. Catalonia must be able to look at their leaders in the eye and to show with pride the aptitude and attitude that must convert her in a new State in Europe. We must return the Parliament to the Country.

The World reclaims a gesture from Catalonia

Catalonia, lighthouse of the western Mediterranean, cradle of the old Europe, economical incombustible force once free from alien rule. Who is to yield the constant flirting that countries like the United States of America have made and make in front of this key piece that is Catalonia in the international concert? Pujol’s governments and the first and second tripartit have preferred to ignore the occasions that extended hands from around the world have come around them. With no doubt, it is necessary that we return the Parliament to the country to correspond, equally, this international flirting that is inviting us to write world History in Catalan, too.

Catalans wish for Independence enough. And yes, there are chances. There is one way of reaching it. There is a way. The how, where and when. Here and now. There is the aptitude and the attitude. There is firmness and morale of victory. There is the sense of political ethics as an unbreakable duty from historical duty. There is the train of Força Catalunya that has started its way and where every new wagon to join will be first class. And there is, especially, the renovation of the political way in internal key and the political way in international key, because these two parallel ways advance, unstoppable and invincible, to the station that must not be the termination end, but the start of a new Catalonia placed firmly within her world: the independence.

Albert Ubach
Member of Catalunya Acció

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