Sunday, 12 July 2009

We'll stand our ground, Fundación DENAES!

Spain is wounded and the only thing that comes to her rescue is an organization called "Fundación en Defensa de la Nación Española (DENAES)", foundation for the defence of the Spanish Nation, which is no more than a British Legion retirement home but for civilians. If Spain can only count with these "troops", I was very pessimistic when I asserted, after the Spanish Cup final FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club Bilbao that Spain would fall after two more jeering to the King and Anthem. I am now convinced that we will do it with the referee's whistle on its own.

Basques' and Catalans' victory at Mestalla (Valencia) against the Spanish Anthem and King, encouraged by ESAIT and Catalunya Acció, who have both been called before the Spanish High Court -where offences of terrorism are trialled, for "affront to Spain", "stirring of racial hatred" and some more bullshit. This, which would resemble a script for a comical movie, is what DENAES, so defending democratic tradition, they say, are presenting before the High Court.

However, to show exactly what DENAES is, you need to look at who their Patrons of Honour are. Amongst them, ex-military Sabino Fernandez Campo, ex-head of the Spanish Royal estates and who entered in Barcelona, blood and fire, with the Francoist troops on January 26th 1939. This democratic "prodigy", who mentored the Spanish King for years, declared to "El Pais", Spanish newspaper, on July 16th 2001, "… to those who I remember, are who received the General Franco forces which fascist qualification I cannot subscribe to". I must add that, shamefully for Catalonia, Jordi Pujol, Autonomous President of Catalonia, conceded him the St George's Cross in 1988.

This element, forty or fifty years ago, probably would have been involved in the execution of the representatives of ESAIT and Catalunya Acció, but now has only the Spanish High Court, and in the near future, not even that, as, at least in Catalonia, the independence process is speeding day after day. Then, it will be when they will be able to rely only on the craftsmanship of their swords.

But, if they believe that can draw us back with claims like DENAES chairmen, Santiago Abascal, they are very wrong. Catalunya Acció is composed by men and women that are not like the actual Catalan politicians, to whom they are used to deal with. We do not withdraw our patriotism at the minimal cockiness this people vent nor are made from the same material as Pujol, former Autonomous President, or Carod, actual vice-president. Furthermore, in the 21st Century, the Spaniards cannot count with the "Moor Guard" or comrades like Hitler or Mussolini like in 1939.

Despite all this, they continue with the ill obsession of wanting to convert us into Spaniards, by force, without noting that the future Catalan or Basque State depends exclusively on our own will, democratically expressed, and because of this, they are so threatened. Because they know that the past May 13th, at Mestalla (Valencia), meant the visualization of the Catalans' and Basques' urge of freedom. It was the introduction of our independence with worldwide witnesses. Will it continue?

I am absolutely convinced that the next matches between "cules" (FC Barcelona) and "lions" (Athletic Club Bilbao) to be played in the next few weeks will be another claim for the freedom of the Basque Country and Catalonia. Not forgetting that it will be another chance to show our most energetic rejection, the try to present the thousands of patriots that exercised the right of something as basic as a protest, as some common offenders. Let San Mames and the Camp Nou be another impressive jeer against Spain and a loud shout for the dignity of both countries.

Santiago Espot
CEO Catalunya Acció

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