Monday, 23 October 2006

Catalonia Action begins its disembark in Europe

Press release published on April 1st, 2006
A few days ago the Catalonia Action management did several contacts with some deputies and officials at the European Parliament coming from different states, in order to personally inform them about the project to build an independent Catalan state in about a decade. In all cases the acceptance was very positive.

In parallel with these contacts, on Saturday March 25th, the Executive President of Catalonia Action, Mr. Santiago Espot, presented the strategic guidelines of “The 2014 Independence Plan" on a public conference at the Catalan Center of Lausanne (Switzerland). The event was very emotive, specially for those Catalans who for several reasons had to leave our country but they keep wanting to see it free. This conference managed to renew completely the audience's will and energies and their determination to collaborate actively with Catalonia Action. This first public event outside our homeland will be followed by a series of similar conferences, promoted by other Catalan Centers around the world, which are already showing a strong interest to collaborate actively with Catalonia Action, and which will be an important factor to internationalize the conflict that Catalans have with Spain and France since many years ago.

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